Software Integration


The DiabeticPlus DataSync and Mobile App allows you to better manage your diabetes.

You can upload your insulin data from the Smartplus pen together with your glucose data to the Cloud using the DiabeticPlus DataSync Software.

Once your data has been uploaded, you can access your diabetes information securely on your iPhone/iPad or Andriod device using the DiabeticPlus Mobile App.




DiabeticPlus Mobile App

The main features are:

  • Access to your diabetes insulin dosage history
  • Access to your glucose level history
  • Simple graphics for statistical analysis
  • Trend analysis (see progress of your therapy in the last week/month)
  • Print or email your reports to any recipient
  • Automatically synchronize with the Diabetic Plus iCloud Central







DiabeticPlus DataSync Software.

The DiabeticPlus DataSync Software allows you to download your insulin and glucose data directly from the device. The software is available for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Platforms.

Click here to download the Software and Installation Guide. Please refer to the document for detail instructions on how to install the software.

The key features include:

  • Download insulin data from your Insulin Pen
  • Download glucose levels from your Glucose Meter
  • View your insulin dosage and glucose levels including date and timestamp.
  • Synchronize the data to the Cloud for use with your Mobile Device.






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