Frequently Asked Questions

1. When was the Smartplus® Pen launched?
The SmartPlus® Pen was launched at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) meeting in Lisbon in September 2011. The pen is sold in Germany, UK, Italy and over 20 countries in Europe and South America under the brand name "Pendiq".

2. What sort of rebate can I expect to receive from my Health care provider if I purchase the SmartPlus® Digital Insulin Pen?
Private health insurance companies will in certain cases, provide rebate for up to 60% of the total cost of the Smartplus® pen. Please check with your private health insurer for details.

3. What is the life span of the SmartPlus® Digital Insulin Pen?
The lifespan of the SmartPlus® Pen is determined by the battery life and the battery has a lifespan of approx. 4 or 5 years depending on recharge cycle.

4. Can I have multiple SmartPlus® Pens e.g. One for the office & home?
Yes you can have multiple pens. The Smartplus® Pen is available in white, black and orange colours.

5. Can I have multiple Smartplus® Pens for different insulin brands and how is this integrated with the software?
Yes you can have different pens for different insulin brands. The software is able to aggregate data from the different devices by using the approriate timestamp and device id.

6. What does micro dosage mean?
The SmartPlus® Pen can deliver insulin doses in small increments of 0.1U and the maximum injection dose is 60.0U.

7. Which insulin cartridges are compatible with the SmartPlus®?
The SmartPlus® Pen is compatible with insulin cartridges from Eli Lilly® and Sanofi-Aventis®. NovoNordisk® insulin cartridges are currently not compatible.

8. What does memory function mean?
The SmartPlus® Pen has a built-in memory function which is capable of storing up to195 insulin injections with date, time and the delivered dose. You can download your insulin dosage history to the computer using the provided USB cable. You can also access your insulin data via your mobile devices.

9. Do I need external batteries for the SmartPlus® Pen?
No. The SmartPlus® Pen does not require external batteries. The pen can be charged using the provided USB cable – either via the USB port of your computer or via a standard USB charger.

10. How long does the battery last between charges?
A fully charged Smartplus® Pen will typically last up to 2 weeks on a single charge, depending on usage.

11. How long does the SmartPlus® Pen take to charge up?
The Smartplus® Pen can be fully charged-up within 1 to 2 hours .

12. What does manual injection mean?
In case the battery is empty, the SmartPlus® Pen can be converted to manual injection mode. Manual injection mode was designed so that the diabetic patient can still deliver the required dose in case the battery is empty. In manual injection mode the SmartPlus® Pen can neither recognize nor save the delivered dose. Therefore manual injection mode should only be used in emergencies.

13. Does SmartPlus® Pen save the units that are ejected when priming the pen?
No. SmartPlus® Pen does not save the units that are ejected when priming but only the units that are administered after priming.

14. Which Diabetes Management Software is Smartplus® Pen compatible with?
The SmartPlus® Pen is compatible with the DiabeticPlus Mobile App and DataSync Software. Our software can be purchased and downloaded directly from our website. The pen is also compatble with Diasend Software used in clinics and hospitals only.

15. Which Mobile Device is the DiabeticPlus Mobile App compatible with?
The DiabeticPlus Mobile App is compatible with iPhone and Andriod mobile phones. You can download the apps from the Apple App Store or the Google App Store.

16. How often do you recommend downloading my data from the Pen and synchronizing to the Cloud?
We recommend you download your data once a week when you charge your pen and upload the data to the Cloud for access via your mobile devices.

17. How long is my data saved in the Cloud?
Your data is securely saved in the Cloud on a permanent basis. But you can request to have your data removed from the Cloud at your discretion.

18. Will my information be available with Australia eHealth System?
We are currently working on synchronizing your electronic health information with the Australia eHealth System. The project is still ongoing.

19. What needles are compatible with the Smartplus® Digital Insulin Pen?
The SmartPlus® Pen is compatible with our Smartplus® i-Fine Needle and most needles on the NDSS list.

20. Do I need to hold the ACT button down to administer the insulin?
The Smartplus® Pen has a soft touch button for insulin injection. Please refer to our video library for instructions on how to use the Smartplus® Pen.

21. How will I know when to charge the pen up again?
The Smartplus Pen has a built-in alarm indicator that alerts you whenever the battery is low.

22. Can I program the SmartPlus® Digital Insulin Pen?
The Smartplus® Pen can be pre-programmed to deliver insulin at different time segments of the day. Please consult your user manual for instructions on how to pre-program the pen.

23. Do you have other products that compliment the SmartPlu® Digital Insulin Pen?
We currently supply the Smartplus i-Fine needles for the pen and the DiabeticPlus App and DataSync Software.

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